dahlia (shambolique) wrote in jeanluc_godard,

Masculin Féminin Soundtrack

I feel like sharing since I don't post in this community so much.
Actually, this is my first post. :)

I was wondering if it was worth posting,
as I don't feel like uploading if only one person wants to grab it...
so if anyone wants it, comment!

I recommend it to everyone who likes yéyé...

[edit : august 29, 2007]
Download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9p9a97
Enjoy, guys!
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March 24 2007, 20:37:36 UTC 10 years ago

Of course! It's a good idea to post it.
I would love it
i would like that!
yes! i have a couple of songs from the soundtrack, two chantal goya songs and a francoise hardy one but not the whole thing.
hey, thanks. i've been wanting this for some time now.
yes yes yes, thank you
You're welcome!
Thank you!
No prob!
Oh, awesome! Thanks also :)

Deleted comment

ah don't worry, i'll re-upload it sometime.
once i've done it, i'll get back to you.

Deleted comment

The link is working now.
It's up now. :)
Hi... I have been looking for this soundtrack for such a long time.. that is a great idea... but the link became offline, may you post it again or indicate some place where I can find it? my email is dizzybsb@hotmail.com

would anyone mind uploading it again? i would be very much obliged.
Sorry I only upload on sendspace.
Hi! I've found this post just right now! What a nuisance that the link don't work! Could you revive it for me and other Ukrainian fans?
or a british fan like me if you have the chance? thank you :)


January 26 2008, 03:44:14 UTC 9 years ago

Please, please, please

upload it again!
please upload :)
I want this so bad. I would be eternally grateful if anyone could post it again!

Re: Please!!


8 years ago

Here it is


8 years ago