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anyone know music from le petit soldat

 the song is from Le Petit Soldat and is when karina is smoking a cigarette in a cafe and the dude is sitting with some blonde chick

the translation of the lyrics are:

my girls doesnt act like a starlet
doesnt wear sunglasses
she doesnt pose for magazines
she works in a factory outside of town
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"Els Amics de les Arts" ("The Friends of the Arts") is a pop-music grup in Catolonia (Barcelona) in Spain. They made a good song "Jean-Luc" with J.L.Godard the reference. Very interesting catalan song.
In myspace:
If everyone want to know more about "Els Amics de les Arts" or about ther "Jean-Luc" song, contact me: (
Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic