Dali (noisy_brain) wrote in jeanluc_godard,

. New edition .

Studio Canal re edited some Godard's movies with bonus   .  All in DVD zone 2

Pierrot le fou ( + bonus audio commentaries )

Le mepris ( + documentary "sur les traces du mepris )

Alphaville ( + documentary "Alphaville, périphéries", and an introduction to the movie by a french journalist of Cahiers du cinema ) 

A bout de souffle ( with a documentary "Godard before Breathless" )

Le petit Soldat ( with an introduction to the movie by a journalist of Les Cahiers du cinema )

Une femme est une femme ( with and introduction ...)

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fantastic cover for le mepris.

i don't suppose the studio canal versions have english subtitles?
I'm not sure
I'll try to check, but maybe "dvd zone 2" includes this information, don't what it exactly means

I forgot to tell that Made in USA is also re edited with an introduction to the movie and an interview of Anna Karina
And if you want to see the other covers

hmmmm I think the Le Mepris one looks the best. Also like the Alphaville one but not really the others. Brialy isn't even on the cover for a woman is a woman and he has a bigger role than belmondo!
I saw that, that's weird
especially when you think he died two days ago .
don't understand this choice for the cover
wait, stupid question: these will be released and the united states soon and everything?
absolutely no idea
but i guess you can buy it on french web sites..still don't know if there's english subtitles . I'll ask when I'll buy it