Mrs. Sarah M. Ponder (thematryoshka) wrote in jeanluc_godard,
Mrs. Sarah M. Ponder

Oh, Jean-Luc!


When I think that I have found my favorite film, and a new one comes along, new for me anyway, and I'm blown away.  Oh, Godard, of course I love your À bout de soufflé, Bande à part, Masculin-Feminin, and Une femme est une femme.  It wasn't until last evening that I saw, for the first time, Tout va bien.  It is my new favorite film of all time, surpassing even Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris.  It's the most participatory thought provoking film I've seen in my life.  It raises questions about what constitutes a film?  What are the necessities of film?  Are there necessities?  It questions communication, and it communicates with the audience.  I seriously was blown away and wanted to watch it again immediately after I had finished it!  It's initiates so many questions, conversations.  If I was in a film society, it would be the first one I would suggest.  Oh, Godard!  How is it possible for me to fall even more in love with your work?  So political, and not usually my sort of fare at all, yet!!   See Tout va bien!!!  You don't understand how much I admire and respect this film.  It's such a catalyst for conversation and thought. 

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