sigarah_wa_kass (sigarah_wa_kass) wrote in jeanluc_godard,

Le Mépris soundtrack, anyone?

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but if not, let me know and I will delete my post as soon as possible.

I recently just rediscovered Le Mépris and trying to find the soundtrack online has been extremely difficult to me. I really hate resorting to doing this, but if any of you could help me download this soundtrack I will be extremely grateful. I'm absolutely obsessed with the music from the movie and it's been all I've been thinking about for the last week or so.

Thanks for any help!
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i don't have the entire soundtrack, just the main theme. i'd be happy to send it to you over aim, but i'm way to drunk right now to go through the trouble of going to one of those goddamn hosting sites.

my aim is stalinthong.

I've got the whole soundtrack, it's easily available on either or

Pretty much all of the soundtracks except bande a part are available now which is nice.
It is on iTunes as well.
Madison dance scene from Bande a part was nicely covered by Nouvelle Vague. Les Mepris soundtrack is brilliant, Georges Delerue is a genius.